9APPS v1.2.4

9APPS v1.2.4 Download

There are many stores other than the Google store and Apple store from where we can install the apps. 9APPS is one of them. We all know that the amount of users using android is increasing day by day and therefore many more productive applications are also getting added these days in the android world. But the problem that arises is that not all the applications are accepted by the Google store or Apple store so people go and look for the other alternatives from where they can get the apps downloaded. One of the alternative is 9APPS.

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9Apps v1.2.3

9APPS V1.2.3 Download

9Apps Download

9Apps is a widely used smart phone platform that is used around the world and has become popular in very less time. it’s due to the huge adoption of android platform by many device manufacturers. 4 out of 5 mid manufacturers of smart phones has chosen this platform because of it’s rich features.

We all know that Google store is the official market to get the apps in smart phones. But Google store also applies restrictions on many apps and hence people use the alternative platform other than the Google store to install the apps in their smart phones. Because 9APPS got a hike, there are thousands of applications which were developed for android platforms.

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9Apps v1.2.2

9Apps v1.2.2 Download

9Apps Download

9Apps is one of the best app stores and has become popular just like the Google store app. It works in the same way an Android play store and an apple store works or you can say is an alternative to them. You can download all the things from 9APPS that you download from the Google store like games, Wallpapers, music and more without paying any cost. Download 9APPS version 1.2.2 in your android devices for free. It categorises everything which makes navigation easy and finds out a better way to use it.

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9Apps Youtube

9Apps DownloadWho does not know about Youtube today? Everyone opens youtube for getting entertained. It is a social networking site that is used to watch videos and a media platform that is used mainly to earn money. One can earn great amount of money on youtube by uploading videos regularly. ­it’s quite amazing that many people from youtube are now a part of Bollywood. Nowadays everyone has youtube in their android phones, and in case they don’t have it, then they are living under the rock, because it is one of the most popular social media platforms across the globe and is running successfully. You can watch movie trailers, vlog, videos, series, movies and many more interesting things on youtube. It’s one of the amazing sites to learn things because it makes you learn everything visually. Continue reading

9Apps Vidmate

9Apps DownloadVidMate is an application that allows you to download any video file like movies, Youtube videos etc. It has got a huge collection of TV shows, movies, sports etc. It again has a user-friendly interface and has got great speed of downloading the files without you facing any problems while downloading. It gives you the best video quality options and has got some amazing features which makes it better than other video downloading apps. It saves your mobile data by downloading multiple files at a time which also saves your time. Listen to high quality music on VidMate in different languages including Telugu, Punjabi, Marathi, Hindi etc. Live shows can also be seen on VidMate. If you wish to use VidMate app, then download it from the 9Apps store now. Continue reading

9Apps Tubemate

9Apps DownloadTubemate is another application that we use to download videos in our devices. The speciality of Tubemate is that it also downloads the youtube videos that is not done by all the video downloading apps. It is available for you both on android and PC for that matter. It gives you the best speed to download the videos even if your connection is slow. You can always choose the quality of the videos you wish to download, Tubemate also provides you the videos of 4k high definition. The features of the app does not end here, it has an in built media player in itself where you can watch the downloaded videos. It also allows you to choose, whether to save the video in internal memory or external memory. Continue reading

9Apps SHAREit

9Apps DownloadEveryone in this world now clearly knows about SHAREit and what is SHAREit. Let us again give you some brief about SHAREit. It is an app that is used to transfer and share files without taking much time. In order to share files, SHAREit first makes the device a hotspot and then all the devices that are connected to it can transfer or share any kind of files. This app is available in 39 languages and is also available for all the platforms including Android, iOS, windows etc. nowadays people have started using SHAREit instead of Bluetooth because it provides you a faster speed than Bluetooth while sharing or transferring files. Continue reading

9Apps Facebook

9Apps DownloadFacebook is a social media networking service invented by Menlo Park, California. It was launched on 4th march,2004 by Mark Zuckerberg and his roommates Eduardo Saverin, Andrew McCollum, Dustin Moskovitz and Chris Hughes. Initially, it could be accessed only by Harvard students, but later on it got expanded all over the world and now everyone can make their own unique account on facebook and get connected with their friends and family. You just need an internet connection and then you can enjoy the features of this app to the fullest. It gives you almost all the information about what all is going on in your friend’s and family’s lives in just one click. Facebook is available on 9Apps for free download. Continue reading

9Apps Vmate

9Apps DownloadVMate works in the same way Amazon prime and Netflix does. It is a media streaming app where you can watch videos in high definition without paying a single penny. Watch all the latest movies in VMate and enjoy to the fullest. It is one of the best entertainment hub for all the people around. You do not need to pay any subscription cost in order to operate VMate in your android devices and it provides you all the video quality options, you can choose accordingly. All the files that contains large space are suggested to get downloaded via wi-fi so you do not have to worry about the usage of your mobile data. Continue reading

9Apps AppLock

9Apps DownloadWe all need security in our phones nowadays for certain reasons. App lock works as a solution for you in this case. Its work is to put restriction on the access of the apps and protects all your data by not allowing any other person to open the app. It has got many features like you can put a pin in order to unlock any app or software, or you can make a pattern as well. App lock has also got its own photo and video vault where you can safely keep your pictures and they are secure in your vault. Recovering of the passwords can also be done easily in the app lock, you either provide your e-mail id or simply follow the instructions to recover your password.  It has got more than 24 languages in it and has more than 100+ million users. App lock is available on platforms like Android and iOS. Continue reading