9Apps AppLock

9Apps DownloadWe all need security in our phones nowadays for certain reasons. App lock works as a solution for you in this case. Its work is to put restriction on the access of the apps and protects all your data by not allowing any other person to open the app. It has got many features like you can put a pin in order to unlock any app or software, or you can make a pattern as well. App lock has also got its own photo and video vault where you can safely keep your pictures and they are secure in your vault. Recovering of the passwords can also be done easily in the app lock, you either provide your e-mail id or simply follow the instructions to recover your password.  It has got more than 24 languages in it and has more than 100+ million users. App lock is available on platforms like Android and iOS. Continue reading

9Apps facebook Lite

9Apps DownloadEveryone in this world today is kind of addicted to facebook. I have not seen a single person on this planet who does not use facebook. It has now become a necessity to make an account on facebook because it keeps you updated with what’s all is going on in your closed one’s life. But there is a minor problem with facebook that it takes a lot of space in your phone. But you now do not need to worry about anything because facebook has now got a ‘lite’ verison of itself known as ‘facebook lite’. It completes your all the purposes what facebook does and also does not take much space in your phones. The lite version has got a simple UI and has also got the amazing features like updating news feed, sharing pictures, tagging friends, pokes, sending requests etc. it works best for the ones who likes to keep light apps in their phones. You can download facebook lite for Android and iOS. Continue reading

9Apps Gaana

9Apps DownloadLaunched by Times Internet in 2010, Gaana app is a music streaming app that people use to listen Hindi, English and Punjabi songs. It is been spread over worldwide and it has got music for you in more than 21 languages including Hindi, English, Odia, Punjabi, Marathi, Kannada etc. You can always create your own playlist by selecting songs of your own choice, it can be visible to the other users as well. It is available on the platforms like Android, iOS and more. The app also offers you the official website called Gaana.com that offers you the same features as the app does. Continue reading

9Apps Musical.ly

9Apps DownloadWho does not know about the musical.ly app these days? It has become one of the most top rated apps in today’s world. It is a social networking app where the users can create short videos for themselves. It has more than 500 million users all over the world, it offers you a variety of audios from which you can choose and make your own videos by doing lip sync, it has songs, famous dialogues and much more from which you can choose to make musical.lys. It is not so easy to make a musical.ly in one take. It takes a lot of efforts and editing to make a single short video. The editing includes creating loops or changing speed, combine multiple shots for a single video. Continue reading

9Apps TrueCaller

9Apps DownloadTruecaller is a caller ID app that was developed by a Swedish company ‘True Software Scandinavia AB’. Truecaller uses an integrated software that helps the user to use get the details of any number or given name. It is available for all the platforms like Android, iOS, Firefox OS, Tizen, Blackberry 10 and windows phone. Since truecaller has been brought up in the market, it has become easy for the people to guess if the unknown number is harmful or safe to pick up. It gives you all the amazing features like you can block the number through truecaller, it allows you to know the particular area from where the phone call has come, you can save the contacts through truecaller, it becomes easy to find out contacts through truecaller. Which can be easily downloaded from 9Apps Continue reading

9Apps Jio TV

9Apps DownloadJio TV app works as another video streaming app that is made particularly for Jio users. You can enjoy watching TV channels of different genres and languages. It is available for all the platforms like Android, iOS, Windows and supports all screen sizes from 4’ smart phones to tablets. You need iOS 7.1 and higher, Android devices OS version 4.1 or higher in order to operate Jio TV in your mobile phones. You get more than 600 channels on Jio TV and more are added on in the updated versions. It also offers you the channels in HD quality that can be used for HD devices. It has features like it has live TV shows which you can play and pause according to your own wish , it also has prime time on which you can see all the serials of past 7 days, set reminders for the upcoming shows in Jio TV. Continue reading

9Apps Xender

9Apps DownloadXender works similarly as Bluetooth as it is an app that is used to transfer and share files from one device to other device. It supports more than 22 languages like Hindi, English, Chinese, Korean etc. It has now become one of the best apps for sharing files and is provided to you for free. You do not need to worry about the storage while downloading Xender because it hardly takes any space in your phone. The total space of the app is just 5MB. Share anything like video, music, documents without stopping. It is available for all platforms like Android, iOS, Windows, PC. It was launched in 2013 and has now got millions and billions of users and is running successfully across the globe. You can also create backups of different apps. Continue reading

9Apps My Jio

9Apps DownloadMy Jio app belongs to and is owned by one and only 4G Reliance Jio digital service which has all the information regarding Jio and your Jio account respectively. My Jio is free to download and you can download in Android and iOS, though it is not yet available for windows but soon would be available for that as well. It has the feature of managing your account and services that you buy. It also shows the daily consumption of mobile data and the days left for the package to end. You can also recharge your phone through My Jio app itself. Some features of my Jio are that it shows you all the plans available on your number, recharge history, find a Jio hotspot on my Jio app etc. In case you have any queries regarding anything related to your sim, you can visit the store anytime and get your queries clear. Continue reading

9Apps Daily Hunt

9Apps DownloadNowadays people do not have time to read newspapers to keep themselves updated so they Google it if in any case they wish to know about the updates. Dailyhunt solves your problem here. It is an application on which you can read all the news in more than 17 languages. The founder and CEO of dailyhunt is Virendra Gupta. The Headquarter of the app is in Bengaluru, India. It is known as one of the top apps as more than 30 billion pages are viewed of the app every month and it has almost 20 million users which regularly use the app. Initially, its name was Newshunt and is now changed to Dailyhunt. Earlier it was there only for android users but now windows users and apple users can also have an access to the app. It has features like one can increase the font according to their own choice, turn on the notifications so that you get a notification in your phone every time any news is updated on the app. It covers almost all the news across the globe. Continue reading